All plain bearings, and dynamically loaded combustion engines bearings in particular are complicated and knowledge based products.

The process of bearings creation and improvement is based upon three scientific and technical developments and “know-how’:

  1. Hydrodynamic theory of lubrication which is the basis of calculation that determines the mechanical and thermal loads and the reserve of bearing capacity. There are many research projects on this subject providing the foundation of programs for development and calculation plain bearings design. Nowadays there is widely used method & calculation program for dynamically loaded bearings of diesel engines developed in joint efforts with OJS “Research Institute of Railway Transport’ and OJS: “Kolomna Plant’ under Dr. Sergey M. Zacharov supervision.
  2. Mechanics of materials, defining the stress state components, power reserve of fatigue of strength and stability of geometrical parameters during the whole service life of the bearing. Team of Engineers from OJS “Kolomna Plant” under supervision Dr. Michael. A. Saltykov provided significant contribution for the long term research of the stress state of the bearings shells.
  3. The material science which providing the base for material selection for the bearing design which meets all criteria of working conditions. These ones have been determined and based upon hydrodynamic theory.

The reseachs of Nicolay.M. Rudnitsky, Dr.Nickolay.A. Bushe and over authors were focused on the bearing materials study. Nowadays c.t.s. Alexander E. Mironov from OJS “ National Railway Transport Research Institute” carries considerable amount of scientific and practical works in the field of creation of perspective materials for bearings.

Despite of vast experience gained in the bearing units development, the Science and Technology Progress in all STD dynamics requires consistency for research and development of new design as well as new materials application. The world’s leading bearing producers as Federal-Mogul, Zollern BHW, Miba, Daido and others are constantly engaged to these studies. Unfortunately, the majority on national bearing producers do not have own theoretical or practical developments getting behind for technology level after European, Chinese and Indian Companies.

“Art Business Group” LLC and Partners actively leads Research and Implementing works for machine processing of bimetal billets and coating technologies for top class bearing production. Our Company professionals experience, skills and as well as precise equipment and collaboration with Partners provides the opportunity to produce some products, which exceed on many parameters comparing with competitors’ similar products.

Together with “Leada Company (Kolomna, Russia) and”Machinery” Hi-Tech Company (Sterlitmak, Russia) in the short time period was developed adjustable technology for machining bearing shells of the combustion engines crankshafts. Unique fixture design that allows the use of this technology on CNC machine, protected by the Patent. This technology allows do replacement of some machinery, to shorten the production period and to minimize the production costs, providing the quality standard.

The analysis of bimetallic strip and it changing under forming provided the way to create the technology billets production with minimal machining allowance.

In partnership with “Avers B” LLC original anti-fretting coating was developed for upper side of shells using galvanic process for usage the technology on the “Leada” Company site. In close partnership with ”Moscow Galvanic Center” LLC we did developed number of galvanic antifriction coverings.

Recently we got positive response for Patent issuing on the special bearing construction design with special coating on the basis of tin. This design allows to the bearing to provide high productive features shells for high forced combustion engines.

There is special meaning and significant perspectives for ultramodern technology of varied materials and coatings, developed by our Production Partner – German Company ”ADMOS Gleitlager GmbH”. This “know how” has real perspectives for producing new quality level bimetal billets. This partnership also provided number of coatings which can’t be produced by galvanic methods.