The model of machining the halves of bearing on the CNС machine.

Bearing shell halves are the most important parts for each diesel engine. The level of bearing shell quality determines the combustion engine reliability as whole. Until recently some producers of the bearings for medium speed diesel engines in Russia use obsolete equipment & technologies. All this results in poor quality of produced bearings by majority of National industrial Companies. This is the reason behind lost competition with product of the world leading producers.

“Art Business Group” uses precise and modern high- efficient equipment as well as original technologies. The producing the halves of the bearings on the S-500 CNC machine can serve as the example. That method allows to fulfill few operations for one fixation which keeps the correctness of machining. It is used on the machine: the patented fixture for fixation of halves for the machining and usage the multipositional tools store. All this leads to decrease of complexity of manufacturing the parts, increases the reliability and durability of their work. Microprocessor control machine system and fixture original design do provide S500 Machine fast reconfiguration for different shells sizes and forms.