“Art Business Group” – the exclusive Russian company. We are together with our partners able to develop and produce plain bearings which are not inferior to Western counterparts, thereby attractive with the lower cost. All this due to following five key factors:

powerful team of engineers. There is great mix of Scientific leaders, some “Soviet school” experts and best Universities graduates

Company holds Inventor’s Certificates and Patents for bearings technology and construction

Close partnership with our developers and billets suppliers from Russia, Germany, USA, India, China.

Processing with multi-axis, precision comprehensive machine equipment with computer numerical control.

Having no additional expenses while producing. It provides low price for our product.

Strategic aim of “Art Business Group” company – to provide Russian machine building and engineering companies with best quality plain bearings – to improve the competitiveness of the production on the world market.


The quality of any production depends first and foremost on the expertise and the experience of it’s project engineer. Every development should excel existing model in all the crucial parameters. That is a necessity for world class product producing. The excellence is the key principle of the “Art Business Group” company approach. Staff qualification serves as the guarantee for quality of production. The leader of the company – Alexander Ermolaev. He is an expert, developer, who committed to the bearings s development more than 40 years. Mr. Ermolaev did design the most models of the plain bearings. He is the author of bearing design widespread bearing concept. He is also one of creators of the most popular bearing for railway diesel engine. (D49 type)



In 1972 – There was the beginning of his career as diesel engines constructor in Kujbishev Kolomna Lokomotive plant.

In 1978 – He worked as the head of design bureau of diesel machines bearings and crank-connecting rod engineering.

In 1987 – Alexander earned the Degree as Candidate in Technical Sciences-Moscow State Technical University. (MSTU). The thesis did outline his works and researches in Kolomna Locomotive plant.

During the period of his work at the plant Alexander with his colleagues developed diesel engines design and machine parts for engine type D49, D40 and D45 (DN 23\30) D42 (CHN 30\38). These years the team of the company designers produced huge volume of works. Much experience has been gained in the improvement crankshaft parts for diesel engines. There was development of bearing shells for the diesel engines CHN 26\26. Alongside with development of other systems and parts it did provide required parameters for engines reliability and efficiency. There was implementation of advanced bearing design for engines CHN 30\38 and DN 23\30 during the same period of the time.

While researching and developing dozens of inventor's certificates and patents were obtained. Most of them are applied on the engine models are used today. For example, at least three of them are used in connecting rod mechanism of D49 diesel engine. (I/С №№1649148, 1677387, 1521891) Mr. Ermolaev has published a number of research articles, assessing his findings in development.

In 1996 was Co-owner and Technical Director of special plain bearing producing enterprise ”TECHNOCOMPLEX” LLC.

Over the period of work for this company some new developments were made. The technology of mechanical processing of the shells from bimetallic tape (bronze+steel) was upgraded and took place instead of former process of bronze casting into steel pipe. There was systematic works of expanding the range of developed production as well. Purpose driven minimizing the allowance and strip’s thickness were key

Together with Kurchatov Institute Scientific Center and Vekshinsky Vacuum Technologу Research Institute was developed the process of shell’s back surface bronze coating, using the method of PVD (Power Vapor Deposition), so called “Sputter”. Work was carried out by applying the PVD coating on the running surface of the bearing instead of the standard, based on lead and tin. For this kind of surface coating technology were certified with Patent No.2154754.

In 2013 – founding multifunctional Company “Art Business Group” LLC. One area of activity efforts – in partnership with industrial company “Leada” LLC is design and materials development by application the latest technologies for plain bearing production, providing engines and varied machinery.

The company defined following development objectives are making new bearing design by application of modern materials and unique production technologies, implementation of latest technologies of antifriction coatings by the means of research-developing works in the partnership with leading Research Institutes and Universities.

There was published article exploring these strategic directions of Company work. The article was settled with the partnership of National Railway Transport Research Institute in the public source -“Heavy Industries” Journal No.9, 2015.

Today, according to the stated Program there is well developed and implemented technology, settled on the production site of “Leada” LLC Company. The processing allows producing shells for bearings of crankshafts of diesel engines, using just one machine tool. The Patent on the utility model for such an effective process of bearing parts production in CNC machines was obtained recently.

The bearing billet optimization works are in progress – bimetallic, strips processed by steel-bronze or steel-aluminum coating, centrifugal fill, explosion welding, spraying. The choice of technology depends on service conditions or engine’s boosting degree.

Together with research organizations non-lead new coatings has been developed, which provided modeled parameters reliability and bearings life. These bearings used for latest highly forced diesel engines. The applications for Invention Certificates in the area of newest coatings are submitted and one of application got positive answer.


Crucial success factor of Hi-Tech industry branch Company is research and scientific focused works. It’s practice output is registered by obtaining the Invention Certificates and Patents. The “Art Business Group” professionals are well known experts in the area of newest antifriction coatings development, the technology and tooling for bearing production, shells, bushings and other hi-tech parts. Here we mention just few of dozen other Patents and Invention Certificates which were obtain. In reality there is much more as it has been seen on the picture.


The model of machining the halves of bearing on the CNС machine


It is high qualification and years of experience of our leaders and professionals.

It is deep and wide connection with leading Russian and Foreign experts and bearing manufacturers.

Constant perfection of the design and technology parts production.

Usage of the latest technologies and materials.

Application the most comprehensive science and technical inventions. Application of newest highly productive equipment for parts production.

European quality with Russian prices.




The key to success in innovative and science-intensive business is founded on partnership with world’s best professionals and Companies, who got all necessary experience, technologies and equipment. “Art Business Group” Company brings together its potential with two leading Companies – well known producers – Russian Company “Leada” and German Company – “Admos”. This powerful Alliance allows us to combine all patented technologies, innovative materials, comprehensive machine tools and long term staff experience for bearing production with World Class quality.


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