27-30 June, Moscow hosted the 14th international exhibition "OIL AND GAS" (MIOGE 2017), which presented the modern equipment and technologies for oil and gas industry. It was attended by more than 600 companies from 35 countries and 67 regions of Russia, which clearly indicates its scope and value.

"Art Business Group" company is conducting a great research in the sphere of creation and production technology of innovative plain bearings. A big range of Inventor's Certificates and Patents for inventions & efficient models demonstrates the originality of specialists' design.

SMM 2016 that was held for the 25th time this year is one of the biggest international forums for the world leaders in the sphere of marine equipment and technology. This event is aimed at efficient meetings, experience exchange, investors and buyers search, achievements demonstration and contracts negotiation.

Development and production of high technology is inconceivable without patents. It is the only way that government can protect an invention. Moreover, patents improve company's image, give it substantial advantages in the market and serve as a weapon to confront rivals.