Further perspectives of cooperation between “Art Business Group”, “Leada”, German “ADMOS” and "Federal Mogul Dimitrovgrad” and others as plain bearing producers are determined by needs of this sector of machine building. This section of industry in Russia looking for reaching world level in technology and construction by the way of developing own original technologies, cooperation and partnership with key world foreign producers and leading science schools and agencies.

As presented in works of “Articles and materials” published section, basic difficulties and challenges, to Russian industry currently existing in the area of bearing production of medium speed diesels are:

low labour productivity; poor quality of manufactured plain bearing, which not able to meet modern standard of quality. This results from general technological underdevelopment, obsolete and worn-out machinery.
There is absence in modern billet production the bimetallic strip of steel-bronze composition. Some Companies are using former methodic billet composing (casting of bronze or Babbitt into steel shell.)
There is gap in area of new ideas of development. Some producers still applying obsolete types of anti-friction materials and coatings. At the best of efforts all comes to plagiarism attempts, to piracy exploitation of patented technologies as well as coatings, composed overseas.

Evidently that prospects of plain bearings manufacturing derive from effective solutions of aforementioned challenges.

These are our plan to solve those challenges:

Purchase and launch at “Leada” company the latest generation five-axis CNC machine, which featured with patented device enabling to fulfill complete cycle of bearing shells machine processing. It will lead to new technological production level, exchanging the former method of using at least 10 other special machines with casual tooling which needed for each particular operation. Mono-machining approach ensures production high quality and precision. This equipment enables high labor-efficiency, with stability of quality isn’t depending on worker’s qualification and diligence.
Optional usage of alternative providers and application these billets:
- bimetallic steel-bronze strip produced by German, Chinese, American, Japan and Indian Companies, produced by casting and by sintering.
- bimetallic steel-aluminum strip produced by cladding of aluminum alloy upon still tape as well by explosion welding.
- varied methods of coatings anti-friction materials – Babbitt, aluminum or bronze alloy on the bearing’s working surface including usage of innovative “ADMOS Gleitlager” technology.
Developing and application patented anti-frictional lead free coatings, enabling to withstand increasing thermal and mechanical loads, without compromising anti-friction quality. This work developed with Russian researching companies “National Science Research Institution Railway Transport”, “Moscow Galvanic Center”, “Avers-B” and others.
The use of leading foreign Companies opportunities. In bearing producing as galvanic cover with “Federal Mogul” Company, USA. (located in Dimitrovgrad , Uljanovsk region) or anti-friction coating by “ADMOS” technologies, Germany.